We’re working hard to bring a full selection of accessories to our belt grinder line, so you can make the most of your grinder. Expect great things to come!

Flat Platen

NRT Flat Platen

The flat platen is the most versatile work station on any grinder, and that’s why it comes standard on all of our grinders. Grind flat profiles, precise angles, notch and profile edges with ease. Remove the platen and it becomes an excellent slack belt attachment for de-burring and rounding edges.

Featuring 2” aluminum wheels made to the same precision and tolerances of our drive and tracking wheels, for the smoothest running flat platen on the market.

The bolt on work rest gives solid support for grinding precise angles and the platen has +45°/-45° of adjustment.

Comes with its own 6061 aluminum tooling arm.

*price includes a 3% cash/check discount.
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Small Wheel Attachment

NRT Small Wheel Attachment

The small wheel attachment is the easiest way to get into those tight, hard to reach places such as finger guards, or to get precise small radiuses for tube notching. The interchangeable small contact wheels have press fit bearings on either end and simply slide into the receiver arms on either side of the small wheel attachment, making it quick and convenient to change sizes.

*No small wheels included.

Comes with it’s own 6061 aluminum tooling arm.

*price includes a 3% cash/check discount.
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R.A.T. Arm (Rotary Adjustable Table)

NRT R.A.T. Arm
NRT R.A.T. Arm NRT R.A.T. Arm NRT R.A.T. Arm
NRT R.A.T. Arm NRT R.A.T. Arm

The R.A.T. Arm is a multi-axis work rest that will allow you to use different sections of the 2x72 belt in many different angles and positions. It is adjusted with a single Allen wrench. The 1/4” thick steel tool rest is 8” x 5” and notched to fit around the flat platen. It is tapped from the bottom with no through holes for dirt/grit to accumulate, providing a smooth working surface. The arm segments are made of stainless steel and 6061 aluminum.

*price includes a 3% cash/check discount.
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Tilting Stand

NRT Tilting Stand
NRT Tilting Stand NRT Tilting Stand NRT Tilting Stand

Why settle for just a vertical grinder? With the Northridge Tool Billet Tilting Stand you can transform your vertical grinder into a horizontal grinder with just a flick of a lever, giving you two grinders for the price one!

It is constructed of 6061 aluminum with a spring loaded locking handle and receiver that are nitride (heat treated) for wear and corrosion resistance. The stand features pivot bushings of carbon steel with bronze and Teflon coatings for a lifetime of smooth operation. The pivot pins are precision machined out of corrosion resistant 303 stainless steel.

To truly unleash the power of the tiling stand you’ll definitely want the R.A.T. Arm, for the most modular tooling rest available. Easily utilize every part of your tooling arm!

*price includes a 3% cash/check discount.
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Tooling Arm


Our tooling arms are 1 1/2” square 6061 aluminum, fully machined on all side, with a recessed channel to prevent snags from the clamping screw.

*price includes a 3% cash/check discount.
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Contact Wheels

Coming Soon

Our precision machined contact wheels start with a USA made billet of 6061 aluminum and we machine the bore and outer face in the same operation, just like our tracking and drive wheels, for the tightest tolerances and most concentric contact wheels on the market. We use oversized bearings to give extended working life, and are press fit with a center spacer eliminating the chance of bearing damage due to over-tightening the wheels.

The contact faces are vulcanized peroxide cured rubber, the most heat and abrasion resistant rubber you can get, with a durometer of 70. They are molded onto the face of the aluminum hub in the USA using our own custom molds.

Available soon in 8” and 10” diameters.

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Surface Grinder

Not yet, but we’re working on it! And trust us, it’s going to be every bit as nice as everything else we make, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. In the mean time, if you’re interested just drop us a line and let us know!

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And More...

We have big plans for the future accessories. Our goal is to have the widest range of accessories available of any grinder on the market, so that we’re not only the best performing belt grinder available, but we’re also the most versatile.

What do we have planned? Well we don’t want to give away all of our surprises, but expect to see more contact wheel options, more tooling arm configurations, and dare we say disk grinder. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Got an idea for an accessory you’d like to see on your belt grinder? Let us know! We’re very interested in knowing what kind of accessories you are dreaming of having, and who knows, they might just become a reality.

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