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The Northridge Tool 2x72 Belt Grinders are here!

We’ve created what we think are the best belt grinders available for blade smiths, blacksmiths, artists, fabricators, and anyone else who needs to remove a serious amount of material with the least effort and most control.

Our precision, fit, and finish are second to none, resulting in the smoothest operating, best tracking, most powerful, and all around superior functioning grinders available. We machine all of our own drive, tracking, idler and contact wheels for the most precise wheels on the market, giving you the smoothest tracking belt grinder made today.

As if precision alone isn’t enough, we’re the most modular grinder on the market, allowing you to add-on new features and accessories as they become available, or your budget allows. Built around a standard 1.5” square tooling arm, our grinders offer the same convenience of quick change tooling as other knife grinders on the market, such as the KMG grinder, the TW-90 Grinder, and the Bader knife grinder, but why stop there? All of our machines offer two 1.5” tooling arm sockets! With one socket for the main working arm and the other available for various accessories like our RAT Arm (Rotary Adjustable Table), and our forthcoming Surface Grinder. This separates the tool rest or accessory from the main working arm, for the most versatility of any grinder available. (For instance, how would you like to add and remove your work table just by turning one nob? With the Northridge Tool 2x72 belt grinder and RAT arm you can do just that!)

What could be better than all of that? How about a design that you can expand over time, allowing you to start with a budget friendly grinder option and add on the features you really want when your budget allows.
The main chassis of all of our grinders are made from two precision laser cut 1/4” thick steel plates bolted together with heat treated socket head cap screws and custom made precision aluminum spacers. The medium strength Loctite we use will hold everything firm and tight for the life of the grinder, but still allows the main chassis to be upgraded. The main difference between our three models of grinder is in the side plates, meaning you can upgrade from a mod-1 or mod-3 to the C-Face Mod-2 by simply swapping one side plate!
Uncertain if you need the tipping stand? Unlike our competition, our precision machined aluminum Tilting Stand is not an integrated take-it-or-leave-it part of the machine, but a bolt on upgrade that can be easily added at a later date, with no sacrifice in function or stability. How cool is that?
Fit & Finish

The main chassis plates are powder coated with a silver vein powder, the toughest powder coating available. All of the other steel parts have a black oxide finish and the aluminum is machined to a polish.
The belt is tensioned with a double sealed gas shock/spring for maintenance free operation. The tracking mechanism is mounted on a precision reamed and press fit dowel pin hinge to remove all possible slop. The tracking adjustment nob uses 3/8 x 24 fine thread for precise adjustments and features a custom made tension spring to keep pressure on the threads and reduce the chance of the tracking nob accidentally turning while in use, which would result in belt wandering. Who wants that? We don’t!
Tracking wheels

We machine the bore and outer face of our tracking wheels in a single operation with the tightest tolerance for the most concentric, smoothest running wheels on the market. Every one of our aluminum wheels features .012 deep grooves to allow air to move between the wheel and the belt, making the adhesive on the belts last longer and acting as a visual aid for belt tracking. Our platen, tracking and contact wheels feature oversized bearings to give extended working life, and are press fit with a center spacer eliminating the chance of bearing damage due to over-tightening the wheels.
Our machines feature crowned 4” x 2-1/2” tracking wheels, with oversized bearings for longevity, mounted on a precision machined 1/2” thick tracking arm.
There are two options for drive wheels, 4” and 5” diameter, depending on the model of machine. Both of them are crowned to aid in tracking, just like our tracking wheels. All of our drive wheels are 2-1/4” wide and come with a 5/8” bore with 3/16” keyway.

And all of this comes in one of the most economical packages available, made entirely in the USA!

The Northridge Tool family of belt grinders are built to be the best possible knife grinder on the market, but we’re not stopping there! Expect to see an ever increasing lineup of accessories to make your grinder the most flexible and powerful 2x72 belt grinder on the market.

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The Northridge Tool 2x72 Belt Grinder lineup

NRT 2x72 Belt Grinder Mod-1

NRT 2x72 Mod-1NRT 2x72 Mod-1

Standard 2x72 belt grinder/knife grinder chassis

The first in our 2x72 grinder lineup and the most economical. The mod-1 comes with two short chassis plates, which leaves the back of the grinder completely clear. This gives the most options for using your own existing motor in a direct drive configuration, but the motor and grinder must be mounted to a steel plate, ply wood or bench-top.


  • 4” drive wheel with 5/8” bore and 3/16” keyway.
  • Standard flat platen with 2” aluminum wheels and bolt on work rest.
    (A $269.99 value!)
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NRT 2x72 Belt Grinder Mod-2

NRT 2x72 Mod-2NRT 2x72 Mod-2

C-face Mount 2x72 belt grinder/knife grinder chassis

Why Compromise? The mod-2 is our most versatile grinder. It comes with one short chassis plate and one long chassis plate that can accommodate a 56c face mount motor for the most solid and hassle free setup. This is our best grinder, and if you plan on upgrading to our horizontal tipping stand and upcoming surface grinding attachment, this is the grinder you need!

Check out our package deals to make your grinder setup as easy as possible!


  • C-face motor mount
  • 5” drive wheel
  • Standard flat platen with 2” aluminum wheels and bolt on work rest.
    (A $269.99 value!)
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NRT 2x72 Belt Grinder Mod-3


Coming Soon

Pulley driven 2x72 belt grinder/ knife grinder

Really want the best knife grinder available but you’re on a tight budget? Then the mod-3 might be for you! The mod-3 uses slightly different chassis plates with bearings blocks and a drive shaft, similar to the KMG grinder from Beaumont Metal Works, but it comes with our own aluminum step pulleys which we machine from a solid billet to the same tolerances as the rest of our machines.

While the NRT Mod-3 has a slightly higher base price, you can save money by using practically any foot mount motor and get a basic variable speed with the step pulleys without the added cost of a VFD and direct drive motor. However, you will loose approximately 20-30% of motor torque from the added friction and introduce extra vibration into the grinder because of the additional moving parts. Learn more...


  • Bearing blocks and drive shaft
  • 2 Precision machined step pulley
  • 4” drive wheel
  • Standard flat platen with 2” aluminum wheels and bolt on work rest.
    (A $269.99 value!)
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